About Us

About Us

Inmorakosi consists of my husband Paco San Miguel and myself Cindy Rakosi.

We both have many years of experience in real estate. Paco has been working in the real estate sector since 1997.I have been working in the real estate sector for 10 years. I’m the administrative power of the duo. Rules, forms and legislation are no secrets for me.

I moved14 years ago from Belgium to Spain and walked arround with many questions in my mind about how it’s all going to work here in Spain?

Because of this experience, I’m the right person to answer all your questions and guide you in this rather complex process. Not only the language is different, but there are also differences in terms of regulation and legislation.

Paco again is then the perfect person to seek togheter with you to your dream home, because of he’s knowledge of the housing market, he can find your dream house based on your criteria,

Together we form a team that will accompany and support you from the beginning to even well after the end of this journey,